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If you want to know how to keep your relationship top priority after having a baby, then this guide is exactly what you need!


How do I know this?


Because inside are 4 simple steps to help you create the relationship you both desire.

Dear new parents,

But the thing is, most new parents don't know this.

to create a weekly routine for reconnecting with your partner and achieving intimacy after baby

Download Your Free
4-Step Guide

They believe:

Once baby gets older/sleeps through the night/things get easier, then they will have time for each other

After the 6 week postpartum checkup they’ll be able to get back to sex like before

Each partner has their idea of what’s helpful or needs to be done, but rarely they’re the same thing


And this is what’s keeping them in a disconnected & sometimes resentful mindset.

In fact, you might be feeling like this right now:

Like your partner doesn’t understand you and your needs right now

You're exhausted, but feel guilty for not wanting to be intimate with your partner

Lonely, isolated and wondering when it’s going to get better


Which is exactly why this FREE GUIDE  has found you today.


Because inside are the steps to help you and your partner to create a consistent weekly check in where you feel connected, even with the busiest of schedules. 


It’s all waiting for you inside, and you can get it for FREE right now by clicking the DOWNLOAD NOW.

Here's a sneak peek of what you're getting once you download this free guide:

  • The importance of creating consistent weekly check-ins

  • How to prevent many situations that can be the cause of stress & frustration

  • How to be intentional with the time you spend together

  • Fun ideas for you to incorporate more play into your relationship (non-sexual)

  • Ideas on how to create new physical experiences together and how to ease into sex after baby

We're Mark & Bri

Bri is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach and Mark is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and not too long ago we were in your shoes.

Having a baby is life-changing, (not a surprise) but it's not often talked about how much it impacts the relationship between the parents.

Between learning how to care for your tiny new human, mom's healing body, figuring out breastfeeding/bottle feeding,

sleep schedules (or lack of!), where is the time for you and your partner to enjoy time together?


That's where we come in!

We help couples to create a solid foundation of communication & consistency, so you can feel deeply connected & enjoy more fulfilling intimacy.


We believe that when your relationship thrives,

you are able to thrive as parents.


We know right now you may feel exhausted, frustrated or even defeated. Wondering to yourself "is this how our relationship is going to be now?"

The answer is NO, it doesn't have to be if you don't want it to be. We are here to help.

And for a limited time, we're sharing our SIMPLE to follow guide on how to re-prioritize your relationship, so you can create the relationship you desire.

So click here to get instant access to the guide that will help you and your partner to be more intentional about your relationship, create space for growth, connection and deeper intimacy.

This guide will help you to create a solid foundation for your relationship that you can lean on for years to come.

Your Relationship Cheerleaders,

Bri & Mark

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