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Unlock Deeper Connection

Through our 12-week transformative group course designed for couples who are navigating parenthood, and ready to up-level their relationship.

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You may find yourself

feeling like you and your partner are doing everything else in life well, but you can’t quite figure out how to connect more intimately?

You desire to have a relationship you CRAVE, you want to feel the spark you had when you first started dating...

Discover the Power of Intimacy

Does this

sound familiar?

  • You crave intimacy, but at the end of the day you feel depleted of any energy and just need time to unwind by yourself.


  • Maybe when your partner is expressing their desire to connect with you sexually, you feel guilty because you would rather have a bath together and spend time talking–not about the kids.


  • Maybe you don't have any desire at all and you're concerned it won't ever come back...

This is very common for couples raising kids

You may be thinking, "okay, great, but HOW do we get past this?"

It's through recognizing a series of conversations that need to take place: 

  • discussing what your ideal relationship looks like

  • understanding the different aspects of intimacy and how to navigate them so each partner is feeling connected

  • discovering each others communication styles & learning how to speak in each other's "language"

  • being intentional with your time together & creating the space to nurture your relationship 

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We quickly realized...

We're Mark & Bri!

Almost 8 years ago, we were feeling what you are now. We were in the throws of parenthood, trying to navigate life with our new baby, and honestly in consumed much of our time and our relationship began to suffer. 

there was very little information or resources for parents on HOW to nurture their relationship after having a baby (basically none). 

I was feeling touched out & exhausted, Mark was feeling lost & lonely and neither of us knew how to properly communicate what we needed in that moment. Honestly, I don't even think we KNEW what we needed, but we knew something was missing. 

Over time, 

we had to focus on our relationship bit by bit. Understanding our different ways of expressing our desires, how we communicate and being intentional with how we spend our time together. 

Almost 8 years of personal experience, completing a variety of certifications, and helping clietns, our new program was born. 

Powerful Partnership: Mastering Intimacy as Parents

THis is Program is a unique blend

where you get a self-paced course, along with the support of a group coaching!

You will receive 5 Modules to reference at any time & you'll have lifetime access (including any updates in the future!)


Navigating Intimacy


Prioritizing Relationships


Managing Conflict


Creating Connection


Intentions as a Couple

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"But what makes THIS different?"

You get the support of:
Your peers, the course & us!

What Do You Get ?

  • 12 weeks of support

  • 6 live calls - 3 Q&A's along with 3 guest speakers 

  • 5 Module Course that you have life-time access to

  • Access to Private Community 

  • 1 integration call with Mark & Bri after the 12 weeks

​We want to invite you to join in the possibilities to create the relationship you crave. To experience more depth, connection and intimacy with your partner, while raising your kids and showing them what love and a solid relationship can be.


You get held and supported by community–you get to be with other like minded/like hearted couples that will lift you up through the struggles, that will cheer you on during the triumphs and witness your beautiful evolution as a couple.

  • Relationship Check-in Workbook

  • Date Night Ideas Bundle 


early bird -Pay in full bonus

$2,997 (USD)


$3,997 (USD)


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