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Powerful Partnership

Mastering Intimacy As Parents

Learn how to create the relationship you most desire while raising your tiny humans. 

No more 

Missed Moments

  • Do you feel like you and your partner are constantly pulled in opposite directions? Work, kids activities, etc.

  • Does it feel like when you do you have time together, it ends up being each of you scrolling on your phones or binging a show rather than spending quality time together? 

  • Do you simply feel like you "miss" your partner? You miss how your relationship used to be, but don't know if you'll have that feeling again?

You will learn how to create more connection everyday and how to be intentional with the time you do spend together, even if it's only 10 minutes. 


No more 

  • Do you feel like you and your partner have the same arguments over and over, but never seem to come to a resolution?

  • Are there things that keep getting brought up and you don't know how to move past them?  

couple talking.png

You'll learn the power of creating a common language so that each of you feel heard and supported every time you have a conversation.  This will help you to navigate conflict a lot easier, leading you to feel even more connected.

You'll learn what your erotic love languages are and how you can use them to enhance your bedroom experiences. You'll learn how to communicate your wants and desires as well as how to get more in sync with the amount of playful experiences you have...

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"Dry Spells"

No more 

  • Does it ever feel like one partner is constantly pursuing the other?

  • One partner feeling like they're in limbo waiting for the other to be "in the mood"?

  • Maybe you're pretty happy with your sex life, but you're ready to explore what "more" can look like. More desire, more connection, more pleasure... 

Having kids greatly impacts a relationship, but sadly no one is talking about it!


We're Mark and Brianna Carey and we created Powerful Partnership, because it's exactly what we needed when we were starting our family. 

When we had our first baby in 2015, we quickly realized there's a whole lot they don't tell you after having baby, like:


-what the healing process is like for mom & how that impacts literally everything!

-the loneliness that dad feels 

-the disconnection they feel from one another

And so much more!

All of that adds up really quick, especially when you're both sleep deprived, exhausted and not sure which way is up.

We've been through it and came out the otherside, but it wasn’t without some really tough moments. 

Our mission is to help as many couples as possible to not just come out the other side, but to truly enjoy this journey together.

To feel even more in love and connected than you did before. 

We imagine you had kids together because you had a vision of what a happy family would look like. And now you might not be feeling so confident about that. 

We want to help you live out that beautiful dream of a happy family. 

Powerful Partnership: Mastering Intimacy As Parents is a big step in that direction. 

We look forward to supporting you on your journey to creating deeper connection, stronger communication and enjoying more fulfilling intimacy!

Your relationship cheerleaders, 

Mark & Bri

What is it?

This is an 8 week program where you will learn how to strengthen your communication skills, explore your intimate desires & create deeper connection with your partner. 

What's Included?

  • 6 module course that's self-paced & you have lifetime access to ($1,997 value)

  •  Private Community to ask questions, share your wins and have other couples there to support you ($297 value)

  • 2 monthly calls: 1 is a Q&A & 1 is a guest speaker that will share even more on life/relationships/parenting ($3,000 value)


  • 4 Step Guide workbook ($97 value)

  • 4 Step Guide Companion Planner ($47)

  • Date Night Ideas Download ($27 value)

  • Meal Guide - for when you don't know what to cook ;) ($47 value) 

  • AND MORE!​​


When does the program start and finish? 

 The program starts 4/17/24 and ends 5/27/24

Is this couples therapy?

No, we are couples coaches. We focus on where you are now, and how to help you get your desired outcome.  We support you with various resources, mediations, embodiment practices, somatic therapy, etc. That will help you disrupt your previous patterning so you can create your ideal relationship. 

What is early bird and PIF?

Early Bird pricing is for those that join the program within the first 48 hours with an added pay in full bonus savings. Pay in Full price is also a little bonus savings versus the payment plan option. 

What does “life-time” access mean for the course?

The benefit of investing in this program now, is that you will have access to this course for life–it never expires AND any updates made to it you will be grandfathered in – you won’t have to pay extra!


Alex B.

"I love Bri’s transparency and vulnerability. She has helped me with navigating the next steps in my relationship journey in ways that are relatable, authentic, and exciting. Her energy allowed me to feel safe in discussing vulnerable aspects of my relationship. I think about our first conversation discussing about the new chapter in your relationship, and made me feel safe in discussing aspects of my relationship that I hadn't shared with anyone."
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