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What is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach?

A coach is your support person, your guide along your journey from where you are to where you would like to be. While we will brush up against some edges and dig deeper to see what could be holding you back from living your best sexual life, this is not therapy. I 100% support therapy and if we come up against some things that I feel you would be better supported with in that aspect, I will suggest it. If you already have a therapist, that is amazing as well! The more support you have, the easier it can be to integrate new things.


As your coach, we will hold space as you learn and explore as much or as little as you're comfortable with. We will guide you through releasing any limiting beliefs that you have surrounding your body, pleasure or sexual expression. We will help you unpack any shame that's held you back from showing up fully in your relationship(s), allowing you to create a deeper connecting and more fulfilling intimacy.


Schedule your free Coaching Consultation here

Mark & Brianna Carey

Ways to Work With Us


1:1 Coaching

Explore what's holding you back from having the relationship & sex life you want AND deserve!


You will have weekly calls with your coach, where you will implement different modalities for releasing any shame or limiting beliefs.


You will also learn new techniques on how to communicate more fully, to show up for yourself and your partner the way you would like to, helping you to create a deeper, more intimate connection.


Couples Coaching

Feeling disconnected? Feel like you and your partner are speaking different languages? Then couples coaching might be for you!


This is a space for you and your partner to establish healthy communication around desire & intimacy.


As well as how to create intentional connections and creating a foundation that you can lean on for years to come!


Women's Group Coaching

The book club you didn't know you needed! Weekly Zoom chats discussing the book "Wanting to Want" where we figure out what is killing your sex drive and how you can revive it!


Community & Sisterhood

We are not meant to go through motherhood alone. For thousands of years women gathered together to support new moms, helping them to navigate this new journey. Still today in some cultures, mom & baby do not leave the house for a month, while friends or relatives are helping around the house so mom can heal properly and bond with the baby.

When we have a baby, we're told to find our tribe, but then we're not given resources or any sort of guidance on HOW to do that. 

Well, if what you want does not exist, then create it! So that's exactly what I'm doing. 


With over 15 years of experience as a sexual health educator & a certified Sex & Relationship coach, I’ve worked with thousands of women and supported hundreds of couples. And, having 2 kids myself, I understand firsthand the stress that having a baby can put on your relationship. (Check out my blog post where I introduce myself and explain my story) 

What do you get with the membership?

  • personalized help with your questions-24hour response time

  • easy to access guide with links to resources

  • monthly zoom class on topics you pick, with a Q&A 

And I’m sure more will come through that I want to share as we go!

If you’re looking for:

🤱support on your postpartum healing journey

💞how to navigate a deeper connection with your partner

🫦 how to enjoy more fulfilling intimacy


And so much more, then this membership is exactly what you’re looking for!

Alex B. 

"I love Bri’s transparency and vulnerability. She has helped me with navigating the next steps in my relationship journey in ways that are relatable, authentic, and exciting. Her energy allowed me to feel safe in discussing vulnerable aspects of my relationship. I think about our first conversation discussing about the new chapter in your relationship, and made me feel safe in discussing aspects of my relationship that I hadn't shared with anyone."

Jenny H.

"Brianna's coaching is so needed. People don’t talk about the sexual trauma that comes along with being pregnant and the way it impacts the female body. Resentments, sadness, anger and frustration can come up and she provided a safe space for me to feel the feels that aren’t socially accepted and move forward towards healing and intimacy."

Alexa B. 

"Brianna is an absolute joy to work with and be around. Just being in her presence and energy feels peaceful, light, and encouraging. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sex, sex education, and exploring with your self and within a partnership. I would recommend working with Bri to any and everyone!"
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